Early Spring 2016 Newsletter


Hi Friends,

The new year is moving along fast! It began with steady rain and continued into the first week of February when it stopped, just around the time we all needed a break.  We are now into a slight dry spell, someone called it winter break weather. It’s been with us for these past couple of weeks with temperatures soaring into the high 70's and low 80's in some locations. It’s been rain some days but mostly dry with predictions of more rain to come by the end of the week.

With all this wonderful rainfall, the vines that stand stark and barren, upon closer inspection are showing signs of movement, an indication that first leaf is not far off. So far we’ve been lucky that heavy frost has stayed away. If the weather continues like this into next month though frost will be on everyone’s mind as we watch green leaf and bud break occur.

Soon we will be mowing down all the rows, turning under the old prunings, exposing the gravelly soil of our Gold Ridge area that our Pinot Noir loves and our area is famous for, but right now the vineyards are a jumble of tall yellow mustard against the blue sky–lovely views for painting in every direction. Our gardens have exploded with gorgeous blooms. Everything is awash in the colors of early Spring.

We had beautiful sunny weather for Valentine’s Day and our wine club pick up party. It was a relaxed come in, leave when you want party. We all enjoyed the warm weather on the back lawn at Vine Hill House, appetizers by Trends Catering, and special chocolates and other fineries from Patisserie Angelica Fine Desserts along with the first taste of our 2014 estate grown Pinot Noir wine that was officially released at the party.

It was so nice to see everyone who attended. For fun we thought it would be nice for club members in attendance to be able to enter a drawing to win a bottle of a past vintage of our Pinot Noir. Needless to say the archives are small and the older vintages are rare. We came up with a great 2009 vintage. Congratulations to the winner of our drawing–Dan Mayer of Sebastopol!

With March comes Pigs and Pinot, the exclusive wine event held at Hotel Healdsburg. This year it will be on March 18th. Our wine will be there. Will you? We hope you can make it for it supports many local charities. If you love Pinot and any kind of pork based foods you’ll love it. This year we regret we cannot attend as we will be spending time with our daughter on her spring break in Hawaii, but our webmaster Kevin and his girlfriend, Gina, will be attending for us. It is really fun! We do hope you can make it!

Right now we are in the R&M mode. So far we’ve paved the driveway from the office up to Vine Hill House, we’ve painted and repaired the office exterior, we’ve been moving faucets and installing new irrigation. We’ll soon be painting the interior trim at Vine Hill House, along with the back porch. We’ve sanded and re-stained all the outside furniture. Anything that has been in need of fixing over the past year is now getting fixed. Yay! Finally!

For everyone in our wine club, those nearby and those far away we wish you all the best in this new year and thank you for your continued support! We very much appreciate your wine club membership.

As a Valentine’s sign says “All you need is love and a bottle of wine.” We say make that a “bottle of great Pinot Noir wine and your love will be true! Until next time,

Happy Early Spring!

From Dan and Jan and
Everyone at O’Connell Vineyards and Vine Hill House

"True love is like a fine wine..."



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