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Harvest 2015 Newsletter


Hi Friends,

Harvest 2015 has begun at O'Connell Vineyards!

This past Friday at 1 a.m. in the cool, quiet fog of early morning the bustle of harvest could be heard as our workers with tools in hand fanned out in the vineyard awaiting the signal to start. Sebastian, on our harvesting tractor under the bright fluorescent lights started up the old reliable motor with a rumble, gave a nod to the crew, and with that our 2015 harvest began!

Each year harvest day brings excitement. But along with the excitement is a feeling of anxiety as the crop comes off the vines – all the anxieties that come to the fore as we perform the last chore for this crop in the vineyard. Such as concern that the crop will be harvested with no problems; that it will be in the winery before the day turns too warm for the grape clusters to be at their peak; and that the winery will be ready and waiting and all will go smoothly there with no snags. These anxieties only subside when the crop is safe in the tanks. Only then do we feel relief–the relief that all that CAN be done HAS been done. From that point on it is up to the gods.

Surely the gods must be laughing, for they gave us quite a challenge over the past year. This vintage is the culmination of many months of  worry as we and farmers around the state have had the demon of drought hanging over our heads all year long. Thank goodness our crop looked fantastic as it came off the vines. Although it is lighter than in previous years we are thankful that we have been spared from the drought’s extremes.


This is the earliest harvest in O’Connell Vineyards history. And to hear from historic wineries around us, it has been the earliest harvest ever! Definitely climate change is working behind the scenes. At sugar levels of 26 BRIX, our beautiful purple grapes were bursting with enticing aromas and flavors akin to ripe berries, cherries and delicate florals. We think this vintage will, not surprisingly, surpass our 2013 vintage which is simply stellar at this point.

We are proud to say that this past year O’Connell Vineyards reputation has been growing as we have garnered some nice reviews and  more and more people have discovered our delicious 2013 Pinot Noir wine. Our wine club is increasing and our wine is being poured in many households and at events around the country.

Here at home we are looking forward again to participating in Charlie Palmer’s “Pigs and Pinot” event (we were invited back) which will be held in the spring at Hotel Healdsburg. It is a fun and very popular event featuring all pig and Pinot related food and wine. It benefits a number of charities around our area. We encourage you put this event on your calendar. We are pleased that ours was one of the first of the wines poured (of many amazing bottles) that was depleted at this event –a sure sign of a delicious wine!

Happy Labor Day!

Dan and Jan

"True love is like a fine wine"


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