Late Spring - Early Summer 2015 Newsletter


Hi Friends,

    When does Spring become Summer? This time of year it’s anyone’s guess. Traditionally, June has always been noted as the last month of Spring but as kids everywhere will tell you as they wait with anticipation for the end of their school year June is definitely the start of summer vacation!
    It appears our summer is coming in jerks and jags this year. Although the weather has settled down from frosty nights we are still experiencing foggy mornings and even some rainy days in between beautiful warm “summery” weather. And while it’s been a mix of weather the temperature has gotten comfortable enough to wear only a light sweater most days. When the fog breaks up midmorning the sky is a beautiful blue and everywhere we look everything is abuzz with bees, butterflies and birds. As for the vineyard all is pretty much on time now as it should be. Looking at the vines they have almost reached their peak height tucked into their tallest wires, their lush tendrils reaching up to the sun. The blossoms we were so recently worrying over with threat of frosty nights are now transforming into little grape clusters–our next vintage of Pinot Noir wine. And as of the beginning of June the rows have been disked, the vines have been thinned and we are in the middle of our annual crop thinning. But unfortunately, even with the drop of rain we received in April, we can tell the ground is already quite dry–a harbinger of the season to come.
    What will the summer months bring? We would love some more rain, but we really don’t want rain this time of year. Warm weather and rain don’t go well together on grape vines. Mildew is the result. Not good.
    Lucky for us our area has not been as hard hit with drought since we’ve received a few extra inches of rain this past winter than other areas around the state. But we are not letting this stop us from conserving and planning ahead for less. For who knows what the future will bring–more of the same? Or worse? All we can do is pray that Mother Nature will somehow balance herself out–and sooner rather than later.

    Speaking of the drought, just the other day we were sitting around discussing just that over a glass of Pinot when someone mentioned how delicious our 2013 vintage tastes.

    Released in April at our Spring wine club event, our 2013 estate grown Pinot Noir wine is proving to be a winner! Everyone who’s gotten a chance to taste it likens it to our best vintage yet. We agree as it seems each succeeding vintage is better than the last! This 2013 has stellar flavor, as well as the distinctive well rounded body and smooth mouth feel of a wine that comes from a maturing vineyard–everything that makes a wine great! We feel this vintage will be recognized as one of the best Pinots around.

    Someone recently asked if we thought the drought might affect the flavor of the wines. Could this be true? It got us to thinking–who knows? Could less rain make the wine have more something? Might it make it more flavorful? More drinkable? More inviting? What might it do to the grapes? We do have knowledge of an old (like 100 years old) vineyard in the Calistoga area that was never irrigated. It was a head pruned vineyard and in the heat of summer (and it is VERY hot in Calistoga in the summer) the vines continued to make grapes of exceptional quality which, in turn, became very exceptional wine, vintage after vintage. With this in mind, and as it was a very compelling question, we decided we better do some research on this subject.
    Of course, the only way to know would be to taste and compare our vintages. (We know -it's a tough job but somebody has to do it.) Unfortunately for us, we realized we don’t have any (or very few) vintages that were grown during this drought period. We also have very few actual bottles left to use for our comparison tasting. Our wine was THAT good that it just went fast. Anyway, after rummaging around a bit we managed to find a couple bottles of our past vintages to use in our research. We’ll let you know the results in detail next newsletter. Suffice it to say, not surprisingly, our wines compared nicely to each other, drought or no drought.


Happy Summering!

Dan and Jan



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